A Thermage Facelift. No Surgery–Just Results!

Dr. Dale Isaacson of Washington DC performs a Thermage facelift live on the news. The process provides an incredible makeover–without the risk of surgery.

She more like 50 not 42.

THIS IS NOT PERMANENT.You will constantly be doing this.I would wait for 3 to six months to see results before i would pay anything.

i really wish ppl would realize that alot of those outstanding results we see in brochures are also from patients who have recieved multiple treatments. my aunt had thermage with very subtle results. it wasnt until she started using retin-a and microcurrent facials that the results were dramatic. thermage is okay but not great. too expensive for minimal results.celebrities get up to 4 thermage treatments a year where as the average woman recieves one.lol

I had heard so much about Thermage ,I had wanted to have this procedure done so I had gone for a consult. This particular plastic surgeon said he’d never do anything so unsafe– The analogy he made was to a potato baked in the microwave. –it is all plumped up and taut in the begining,after sometime it collapses. After that I several other PS told me the same thing. Apparently several lawsuits have been filed because of facial scarring,and disfigurement.

please tell me about the side effects… it messes up your natural collagen production or something like that?? … I am looking forward to doing something in my face and have uploaded a video about it … Thanks thanks, please do advice me, specially if its from experience you or people you know have had

If you are on the lucky side then it doesnt work, if you are not on the lucky side, then you have very serious problems from thermage.

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