Difference Between Ultherapy and Thermage? Dr. Chugh

Dr. Sunanda Chugh, CEO and Medical Director of Anand Medical Spa goes over the main differences between Ultherapy and Thermage including:
Ultherapy is the only FDA approved procedure to give a neck lift, eye lift, and chin lift.
Ultherapy uses focalized ultra sound waves to stimulate collagen production so it is safer. Thermage uses radio frequency energy that is not focalized so it increases the risk of skin burns.
Ultherapy allows the practitioner to visualize where they are treating using an ultrasound, whereas thermage does not.
Overall, Ultherapy is a newer technology and is safer with less risk of any complications. Anand Medical Spa offers complimentary consultations with Dr. Chugh for Ultherapy.

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