Fraxel: the Acne Scar laser treatment Curious about what your skin will look like after a Fraxel laser acne scar treatment, or want to see what to expect during the actual treatment? Watch Naomi Fenlin perform a Fraxel treatment, and have any/all Fraxel hesitations put to rest.
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20 Responses to “ Fraxel: the Acne Scar laser treatment ”

  1. Narendrasing Jamadar says:

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  2. Humaun Kabir says:

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  3. Adam crisp says:

    I can not wait to do this I'm trying to save money to pay for this I feel like hesinberg lol

  4. WhirL Jumper says:

    Does it hurt alot

  5. Christina Keller says:

    How much does this usually cost?

  6. Abby Normal says:

    That's not the fraxel laser that was used on my face. Not sure exactly what you're using, but it's not the fraxel co2 treatment I had done by a dermatologist . I was also given dental blocks, in addition to the numbing cream, the fraxel co2 is much more effective overall imo. I would call this a very mild treatment, and she will likely need more sessions. I've read pros and cons on both, I still prefer the c02 laser, but that's just my preference.

  7. Abby Normal says:

    It would be nice to see before and after pictures of your fraxel patients.

  8. Nathgta09 says:

    I've got this huge ball type scar on my shoulder due to a very bad acne spot which infected. This happened when I was about 15 I'm now 17 and I'm left with this red raised large ball on my shoulder. I'm hoping to get it removed because it's getting bigger and I have absolutely no idea why.

  9. olivia4nier says:

    Why is this procedure usually so expensive? It doesn't seem to be that difficult to do. Is it just because it's considered cosmetic? Or is the machine really expensive?

  10. Manuel Garcia says:

    I just got this done on Friday

  11. saurabh sehgal says:

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  12. Jennifer Brooks says:

    acne was my major problem since i was a teenager. im glad i rid of it. i went to a dubai clinic called Marina Medical Centre and had laser treatment. it was really effective

  13. Matthew Martinez says:

    I thought it did no good on current acne

  14. Andrea Nichole Domingo says:

    how much that treatment takes?

  15. Watch BTS- Blood,Sweat and Tears says:

    does the laser hurt?

  16. Kapil Dks says:

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  17. Dr. Philip “The Beauty Doc” Young M.D. says:

    Nice Video!

  18. Mirza Galib says:

    Theee ultimate аcnе sуstеmТоp rankеd aсnее plаn fоr downloааaаdUnique clear skin strаtegies Frахel theeе Acne Scаr lasеr treаtment

  19. Tristandaza Lopez says:

    is it hurt

  20. Mohosin Rony says: