NIKKI GETS A NEW FACE! Fraxel Treatment #2!=)

Expand the info box— I wrote kind of a “blog post” down below as well=) I hope it clarifies this video! LOVE YOU ALL!

Nikki Gets A New Face Pt 1:
Fraxel Laser Update & Twitter Q&A:
Night Time Skin Care Routine:

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Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the video! Sorry I didn’t get every single day of recovery filmed- I think you get the gist though…? lol I have actually already had my 3rd treatment now and am documenting for that video! Give this video a thumbs up if you like seeing these updates, it helps me know I’m not boring you to tears. haha BTW- One thing I forgot to mention, in general, since I’ve had the laser, the amount of breakouts I get has really gone down. In the last week or so I’ve honestly had the most breakouts I’ve had in months (I think due to stress..?) but in general, my breakouts have really decreased=) So thats another exciting thing I thought I should mention as well. Alsooo- I know in my other videos, some people weren’t thrilled with me going to such extreme measures to get rid of acne scarring….. honestly, the way I see it, is that rather than spend the same amount of money over years of my life on products that may not work, I figured I would try this out, see if it could help faster and then obviously document it for you guys to see if it even works! (the verdict is still out! haha) but yea… I do not think that scarring makes someone ugly and I realize I am in fact quite vain (lol) I just honestly wanted this for me. It’s bothered me for a long time and it’s exciting trying this out! I hope this clarifies! If not and you’re still upset about me getting this treatment, thats allowed too. HAHAH I love you guys and I will see you next week! I may or may not be doing a Summer series;) Be on the look out Mon-Wed & Fri!=) YAS!

20 Responses to “ NIKKI GETS A NEW FACE! Fraxel Treatment #2!=) ”

  1. Berenice Perez says:

    Loving the song from Mean Girls ;)

  2. star child says:

    Why do you tell people you are on your period???

  3. Bailey Bradley says:

    Mean girls background music.. lol

  4. Msruru100 says:

    At the very end can you do like a before and after of your skin after having done all the treatments

  5. Monteaux De Freitas says:

    Thanks for sharing this.  Your hair…not so awesome.  Miss the brown.

  6. Almedina Muminovic says:

    How do you get rid if the milia??

  7. mymochaful says:

    Nikki, just FYI, Milia and Whiteheads are 2 different things, cannot be treated the same way.

  8. Ashley Love says:

    Hi Nikki,I am having a marathon of all of your videos… simply amazing. I am going in for my first Fraxel treatment in two weeks time. I was wondering if you could msg me the after cream the dr. recommended for you and also if you could tell me what sunscreen you are using.  I want to have everything on hand so that I am prepared for when I do go in. Also, I noticed how AMAZING your skin looked in your last video. What are you using for foundation/ coverup now that you have had two Fraxel treatments. I can see that your decision to have Fraxel was totally worth it! I am obsessed and love your videos! During my week inside due to the Fraxel treatment, I am going to watch and re-watch all of your videos! Keep up the great work! New subscriber and addicted! 

  9. Olveviana Pan says:

    hahahaha giant whitehead hahaha

  10. kelsey pearsall says:

    why would anyone put themselves through this, this looks terrible

  11. Rayana KH says:

    Hair looks amazing! Still on japanese straightening? 

  12. IrresistiblePuppies says:

    Your eyelashes are so long! 😍

  13. babocheoreom says:

    haters gonna hate. For me, you are doing such a brave thing standing in front of the camera, giving us a real close up view day by day and hey – acne is not something that would normally give you self-confidence to do so – experienced by the feeling when you stand in the low lighted bathroom, unable to look at your unsmoothy face. 

  14. StephenChelsea Eigel says:

    that is sooo a song from mean girls playing in the beginning as she is talking lol

  15. Sarah Fishwick says:

    Is there a part 3 coming up?? (:

  16. Joey Siow says:

    Where is part 3 ? 🙂 

  17. stacie cook says:

    I never did fraxel, but i have done salicylic acid peel. it was pretty painful, but the down time was not that bad at all…  you should try that one next its awesome. i had acne and it really helped wiht it

  18. Mercedes Salcedo says:

    Can you post a new picture or a new video of how your skin looks now? Its almost been 2 years since this video and I would like to know how everything turned out. P.s did you get any scars or hyperpigmentation from the fraxel laser ?

  19. Buggy Nova says:

    before and after side by side would've bn more helpful but nice video!

  20. jewels45788 says:

    What was the laser cream you used called?