pictures of a stomach before and after-weight loss skin tightening

AFTER having a baby I had lots of extra fat as well as loose skin. Mainy because pregnancy streches stomach but also loosing weiight leaves loose skin. So I did diet and excersise for fat, but I also had tripollar treatments to tighten up that loose skin. Which helped me a lot. And yes, what you can see is fat & skin, which i managed to get rid of thanks to diet, excersise and beauty treatments. For more photos of my transformation please watch this:

20 Responses to “ pictures of a stomach before and after-weight loss skin tightening ”

  1. Ciara Dearringer says:

    how do you tighten the skin

  2. Aaliyah Najla says:

    What products did you use? Great progress.

  3. Ashley Murphy says:

    Hi just wondering what u did to get your tummy like that my stomach is personally worse but please HELP I'm in need I cry everyday

  4. nocurves81 says:

    hi there, how much exercise did you do after each session and was it cardio or toning?

  5. Iluvmy Bunny says:

    What type of treatments? Why make a video if ur not going to give details?

  6. Monica Kaja says:


  7. Jessica Williams says:

    i notice you reply to allegations of it being fake or saying fat, but not to anyone asking about the skin treatments…what are they or should i assume this is fake? great results and loose skin is a legitimate fear for some who are timid about beginning their weight loss

  8. Jessica Williams says:

    thanks, but how does it work and what is it? love your experience. what did you think about it? was it easy or expensive? more details please.

  9. angelagordon57 says:

    hey hun you look great, where in the uk are you??. I would give it a try.

  10. Mya Malaysha says:

    Im 13 and I wanna start loosing weight. I'm about 270 pounds and my height is 5'5 my weight goal is atleast 190. Do you think I'll have loose skin in the end?

  11. Sarah Mahmood says:

    I experienced that as I work out and drink water + vitamins, and protein– the skin stays toned :)

  12. robyhalabi says:

    Wgat u did to loose fat

  13. Jackie Rosario says:

    Wow it looks like you had a tummy tuck surgery,this really worked for you,Im impressed!You look good..

  14. Caminitos de Momo says:

    what kind of a treatment did you undergo?

  15. Tammy Clair says:

    Skin does not tighten that much, those pictures could have been placed in reverse order. Was it the snake oil? LOL.

  16. Mahveen Maheen says:

    what kind of treatment.. wht u did.. ??

  17. Meme Sweet says:

    I have a flabby tummy and they told there is no way to fix it but the surgery u think I can get rid of the flab and how please help me

  18. Jasmin Lopez says:

    How did you lose it ??

  19. Chanel 38 says:

    how did u loose the weight i have that stomach have back pain too

  20. MB Vintage Naturals says:

    Hi where did you get your Tripollar done in the U.K was it in London? If so where? …and did you have it whilst you still had a bit of tummy fat left or after losing all the weight you wanted? By The way you look amazing. Im glad for you. Happiness is the main result. So i'm happy for you. xx